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Black & Silver Triangle Nail Art

29 Jan

Black & Silver Triangle Nail Art


I am back again with one of my attempts in doing nail art. This design is very simple and easy to create. Just use two colors of nail polish of your choice. I picked the colors black and silver. I love their contrasting colors and how they complement each other. Continue reading

Hello Kitty Nail Art

11 Dec

Picture 1436 Picture 1430

Hi! I haven’t blogged for quite a while and now that I have the chance to do so, I shall make it worth the time.

Last November 25 was the 2nd birthday of my cousin’s daughter. The party was Japanese themed and the celebrant was wearing a cute yellow kimono too. Anyways, last year, for her 1st birthday, our theme was Hello Kitty. Inspired by Hello Kitty, I browsed and researched in the internet for possible nail art designs. I found a design that is simple and easy to replicate. Thank God for youtube. ^_^ Continue reading

Nail Art Design 1

2 Oct

Hi! I created this design inspired by the microbeads. See those small circles that shines, those are actually from sequins. Yes, I said sequins. Those are the fall outs from the center of the sequins which makes the hole. Continue reading

Ombre Nails 2

28 Sep

I was feeling fire-y when I did this. So, I used red, orange and yellow(obviously). I used the same technique as the last one and yes, I used make sponge for this. ^_^


Ombre Nails 1

25 Sep

Ombre Nails

My first time doing ombre nails. I used make up sponge for this one. I used blue, violet and pink for this design. These 3 colors just went straight to my mind as I scan through my nail polishes.

P.S. Sorry for the low quality of the photo.

Gel Mani: Polka Bunnies

23 Sep

Cute!!! I want a bunny on my nails too.


Angie showed me a cute bunny design saved on her phone and this was my take on it:


I paired it with simple polka dots, and all art was done in gel. I used Gelish Desert Sands for the base and Angel Pro Gelly Polish in #39 (light pink) and #47 (white) for the bunny outlines, then #29 (black) for the art.

Super cute!

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DAY 12 – 31 day challenge: Bows

23 Sep

Cute! I wanna do this too! ^_^

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