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My Crazy Dream

28 Jan

Hi! Today is January 28, 2013 and for fun I would like to share my weird yet funny dream last night. I say funny because it was unbelievable and/or unimaginable.

Does everyone know the Korean boy group named MBLAQ? Its name stands for Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality. The group consists of Seungho, G.O, Lee Joon, Cheondung, and Mir. Go to Wikipedia to read more. 😀

Well, enough introductions.  My dream goes like this. I remember being in a room with some people. The room is like a scene in training/practice rooms for trainees or stars in Korea. I can positively say this because I watch Korean reality shows. I seem like one those people practicing there. I can either be a trainee, a back-up dancer or even a K-pop star. What shocked me the most is G.O. from MBLAQ approached me and I felt a certain ‘vibe’ with him. When I say ‘vibe’, it feels like he was courting me or he’s already my boyfriend. The others paid us no mind so I think it must be the latter. Continue reading

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