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An update from Otakuffee

17 Mar

I know it’s been a while since my last post and so I would like to use this opportunity to thank my readers. And here’s a few snapshots of things that kept me busy. Hehehe

We have another dog! Born on October 24, 2014, male, shih tzu breed. He arrived at our home last December and we decided to name him Louis. Louis like the brand Louis Vuitton. We already have a dog named Hermes, so why not name him Louis, right? He’s such a handful yet so adorable. He’s either tugging used clothes from the hamper or dashing towards the ball or giving you those puppy dog eyes when he wants something.

Here’s another picture for you.

And here’s a picture of Hermes and Chewee.

Chewee fathered them both but with different mothers. Papa Chewee is still so cute though. 😀

Here’s an extra pic! Forgive my bare face as I carry Chewee’s sons. My Father is spotted at the background too! hehehe


I’m working on different drama reviews right now. Hopefully I can publish it soon. Until then, thank you for your patience. 😀


Random Topic #1: Spoilers!

26 Jul

I am an avid reader of reviews. From manga/manhwa reviews, anime reviews to movie reviews, to book reviews, you name it. I also wrote reviews from time to time too!  And of course there are times where instead of being happy in reading those, you get the sudden impulse of sulking.

I was able to read an article on the internet about tips on doing reviews. And it struck me that I fail in doing those tips. Especially regarding spoilers. 

Spoilers can either be good or bad. Good in a sense that instead of wasting your time, money and effort in getting a copy of it, you can it brush it off and move on with your life. 😀 But seriously speaking,  I don’t mind reading spoilers sometimes. I usually don’t mind reading spoilers about anime/s I’m watching because, for me, its like a heads-up for what’s to come. I’m still going to watch it nonetheless but at least I know that my favorite character might die in this episode.

I really hate spoilers especially in movies. Here’s a concrete example: I was watching this movie which I planned to watch few days ago. I really love this movie since I have heard good comments on it. So here I was, my eyes glued in TV screen as I watch the movie then POPS comes along my brother. My brother already watched this movie; heck! he owns the copy I’m using. Seeing the movie I’m watching, he begins to tell me about what’s going to happen next and so on and so on. It’s like you’re in chapter 1 and then you’re forced to watch chapter 5! Can you imagine how I feel? I felt like I’m going HULK mode for all I care. I also felt the same when I read a review on a manga which instead of writing a review, the author made some-what a summary.  A review is not the same as a summary!!! Geez… (Though I admit I unconsciously do this sometimes.)

Spoilers and I are like ‘frenemies’. Sometimes we get along so fine and be on our own little world but sometimes I do loathe them.  I know others might not feel the same, so how do we fix this? And I shall answer.

Authors should be diligent in putting warnings on their work. A simple ‘May contain spoilers’ can make a huge difference. That line is either a GO signal or a STOP signal. You, the reader, can be the judge.

And that’s what I plan to do in my future reviews. Hopefully, other authors would do the same and the readers would be happier in reading their reviews.

Good day everyone! Ja ne!

An update from yours truly :D

27 Apr

Hi! I know I haven’t updated for awhile so I made this post.


I have been in Manila since April 6 and we’ve been staying in a very nice Condominium somewhere in Makati. The Condo’s name is The Tivoli Garden Residences. You can search it if you want; especially to those who are searching for a nice condo. [They are constructing another building so y’all should check it out. Its much cheaper when they are pre-selling. :D] Anyways, as much as I like the condo and its amenities, there’s no WiFi. Oops, let me rephrase that. I can’t seem to connect to the local ‘Free’ and unsecured WiFi. They, the sales agents, did say there is a stable signal on the ground floor/club house and we are on the 21st floor so it will be a nice miracle that we can fully use it to our advantage (I hate bringing my lappy in public places, you see. It’s bulky and I want to stroll around. I even tried going there with my Tab but sadly I think the connection hates me.) I see lots of other WiFi’s here but those have passwords. Especially nowadays an internet connection is considered a need. (Right?) I’m not a hacker and I am not a ‘Makapal ang mukha’ that could bluntly ask people who are practically strangers for the password of their internet connections. And so, I’m stuck in just playing and making random posts with my lappy and watching movies on the television. The only time that I can access the internet is when we go out and went to the mall that has a strong signal using my phone or my Tab. Ahh, poor me. My cousin has a Sun mobile wifi with her but unfortunately, there are only few areas where Sun signal is strong and where the condo is located is NOT one of those. We really did thought that Sun’s signal here is strong; well, it is in Cebu.

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21 Mar


Memories of a Geisha“The heart dies a slow death, shedding each hope like leaves until one day there are none. No hopes. Nothing remains.”

Memoirs of a Geisha is an amazing novel that discusses the life of a Geisha, a Japanese artist-entertainer. I’d been wanting to read this one for a very long time. I got mixed feelings while reading this book, so many emotions passed through me. I read this book last month and for almost 2 weeks I had hangover!

A slave, sold by your own family, and trained for the sole purpose of pleasuring men, whether you like it or not. Imagine living such a life where you don’t have enough happiness left inside you but still you have to make others happy.Geisha are not prostitutes, the happiness they give is purely from hanging around in tea house with gentlemen who seek their company and poring them tea, Sake and listening to their stories…

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18 Mar

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10 Mar

Sketched and Scribbled

Continued from Quest Makeup Artist: Part 3 (Make up for Less)

I’ve learned this since I was young. We actually had a small oven that I could use but at that time I wasn’t so sure if it was safe. Haha. There are dozens of tutorial for this…I’m gonna show you a few that are quite easy.

With old lipcolors!

Well…maybe it’s not a good idea to use lipcolors that are beyond their expiry date…but have you ever had lip colors that you never actually use because..

…it’s a few shades wrong for your skintone?

…it’s a gift from your grandmother and it’s a little too old for you?

…you bought it because you thought it was a shade that you’ve always wanted but when applied it looked off?

…you saw a lot of cheap brands with colors that you wish you could mix to achieve a perfect shade?


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21 Feb


Hey guys,

Today I will be announcing my biggest giveaway yet!

In celebration of the 2 year anniversary of my blog, Zara’s Favorite Things. I have decided to truly honor the most important part of my blog, my subscribers.

One of my lucky subscribers will be getting an awesome prize!

However, because I want this giveaway to be so incredible. I actually want your input. I want to know which prize would you prefer. You get to choose the prize!

Your choices are :

1. Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC


2. Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes 1 & 2


3. Kindle Fire


To participate in this upcoming giveaway, please like this post & vote for your prize.
To vote just comment below & list the prize you would want to receive !
You must also be subscribed to my blog.

To increase your chances of winning you can also share this post…

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