Movies & Drama

Most Filipinos like to watch dramas, whether it is from our place or other countries. I belong to the drama watchaholic group. More specifically, I tend to watch more dramas or movies from other countries.  The reason for that is that find Filipino plots readable and redundant. I’m not saying all them but more or less we, the watchers, can already predict what’s going to happen or how it will turn out.

I have lots of favorite dramas and movies. Some are Japanese, some are Korean and few are from Taiwan and lots more. To make it short,  I don’t hold a particular favorite in terms of where the it came from.  I just usually read the plot then the rating or reviews if it has, then decide to watch it or not. I also take recommendations from my friends then talk about it if both of us finished watching it.

If you want to watch a drama series or movies but can’t decide what to watch, you can pick here. I listed below that dramas/movies I watched so far (I can’t remember all of them though). I also listed the number of episodes. Hope that helps.

I’m planning to do a review on them but I can’t definitely say when it’ll be.

If you want to watch it online for free, check out these sites:

The one’s with a * on it is one of my favorites and/or a definitely a must watch. 😀

Korean Drama

Korean Movie

Japanese Drama

Japanese Movie

Taiwanese Drama

Chinese Movie


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