An update from Otakuffee

17 Mar

I know it’s been a while since my last post and so I would like to use this opportunity to thank my readers. And here’s a few snapshots of things that kept me busy. Hehehe

We have another dog! Born on October 24, 2014, male, shih tzu breed. He arrived at our home last December and we decided to name him Louis. Louis like the brand Louis Vuitton. We already have a dog named Hermes, so why not name him Louis, right? He’s such a handful yet so adorable. He’s either tugging used clothes from the hamper or dashing towards the ball or giving you those puppy dog eyes when he wants something.

Here’s another picture for you.

And here’s a picture of Hermes and Chewee.

Chewee fathered them both but with different mothers. Papa Chewee is still so cute though. 😀

Here’s an extra pic! Forgive my bare face as I carry Chewee’s sons. My Father is spotted at the background too! hehehe


I’m working on different drama reviews right now. Hopefully I can publish it soon. Until then, thank you for your patience. 😀

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