Lovenista by Kayono

30 Jul

CAUTION: May contain spoilers! Read at you own risk. 🙂

Alternative Name:ラブニスタ; Girls Love Bible; Love Nista
Genre(s):Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Chapters: 9 Chapters

Lovenista Manga Summary from
From Shoujo Manga Maniac: The very modern tale of a girl with a perchant for picking the wrong guys to fall for… and the bad boy who may just be good for her after all!

What I Think About It:

  • Plot? It was okay. Not that special or memorable. Though, I like the crazy idea of the author of making the notorious male lead interested in make up.
  • Art? It was really nicely drawn. The characters looked cute, notorious and dangerous. Each character are very distinct.
  • Genre? There are some parts of the manga that is not very suitable for young readers. Like sexual activity and smoking.
  • Characters? First off, Kondou Hiromichi. Well-known gangster and ladies man. Handsome face, great body. Every woman’s dream. The thing that I am greatly dumbfounded about him is his illicit relationship with a married woman that’s been going on for years. I’m very against about this kind of relationships and its not a great thing to break up couples just for sexual endeavors. Speaking of sexual endeavors, Morokawa Yun is no better. Hopping from one relationship to another is not a wise move if you want to find a person who is worthy of your love. She’s the kind of girl that easily gets hurt because of her rashness and idiocy.
  • Overall, I say its mediocre. The thing that I really love about this manga is the art. It was pretty well made but I think the plot is insufficient.

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