Otokomae! Beads Club by Motomi Kyousuke

28 Jul

CAUTION: May contain spoilers! Read at you own risk. 🙂

Alternative Name:Otokomae! Beads Kurabu; Manly! Beads Club; Gagahnya! Kelab Manik

Genre(s):Comedy, Gender Bender, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Author(s):Motomi Kyousuke


Chapters: 6 chapters

Otokomae! Beads Club Summary from Mangahere.com:
Have you ever seen a “very manly girl”? The heroine in this story, Oikawa Ibuki is just that type of girl. But you didn’t know she actually has a dream of finding her soul mate who is even manlier than her. After transferring school, Ibuki was determined to act like a gentle lady. Yet on her first day of transfer, due to her righteous sense she went to save a small dog, and at the time she was seen by the suspicious “crow messenger”! Is Ibuki’s whole image ruined!? And who is this mysterious “crow messenger”!? Also included are the following short stories: • Handsome! Beads Club “Hyper Version” • Very Black White Day • Backwards! Beads Club An extra story is in the last chapter of Seishun Survival.

What I Think About It:
When you combine a very manly girl that knows mean martial arts, a handsome crow messenger, a pub mistress, a cyber-baka, a cute cross dresser and a sissy with a goat hairstyle, what will you get? The answer? The Beads Club AND The (secret) Student Council. Weird, right? As weird as it might sound, they’re the cool Student Council that the students look up to without knowing that they are in fact the same members of the odd Beads Club. They are actually secretly selling their work for necessary funds for the school. They also protect the students from the shadows. Secretive and amazing bunch of people.

Anyways, the artwork is good. The plot is interesting. I totally adore the light romance and I like that it made me giddy in some parts of it.  The characters are well drawn and very distinct. Overall, this manga is great! No less from  master Motomi Kyousuke. I read many of her works and I fell in love with most of it.

P.S. The Side Story is also well-made.


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