10 Mar

Sketched and Scribbled

Continued from Quest Makeup Artist: Part 3 (Make up for Less)

I’ve learned this since I was young. We actually had a small oven that I could use but at that time I wasn’t so sure if it was safe. Haha. There are dozens of tutorial for this…I’m gonna show you a few that are quite easy.

With old lipcolors!

Well…maybe it’s not a good idea to use lipcolors that are beyond their expiry date…but have you ever had lip colors that you never actually use because..

…it’s a few shades wrong for your skintone?

…it’s a gift from your grandmother and it’s a little too old for you?

…you bought it because you thought it was a shade that you’ve always wanted but when applied it looked off?

…you saw a lot of cheap brands with colors that you wish you could mix to achieve a perfect shade?


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