48 Random Facts about me

11 Feb


I happened to read at http://www.throughchelseaseyes.com a blog about this and it inspired me to do the same. She made about 50 but i’ll go with 48. Here’s the reason, this Feb 13 would be my birthday and so I came up with this equation:

2 + 13 + 20 +13= 48. February 13, 2013. I just separated 20 & 13 coz I can’t possibly think of more than 2,ooo facts about me. I even had a hard time completing this 48 list.

So without further ado, here it goes:

1. I am a book lover. I love to read pocket books, magazines, manga/manhwa to fanfictions. I have so many books that I have to rearrange my shelf & my table just to fit them all. 😀

2. I am a frustrated writer and I write fanfictions as a hobby. Of course, its all about manga and anime.

3. I can speak in English, Tagalog & Visaya.

4. I am a proud Filipina. (I have a very little part Spanish too)

5. I solved my first jigsaw puzzle when I was in kindergarten (or was it in elementary?). Not so sure but I did play with puzzles since I was very young.

6. I love Sudoku and I taught my parents how to play it too. Now, they spend their free time playing Sudoku. *sigh* Sudoku addicts.

My ever lovable parents

7. I have three (3) ear piercings on my right and four (4) on my left.

8. I love to do DIY crafts, especially using recycled materials.

9. I know a little Spanish and I want to learn more.

10. I am the 3rd child of the family. I have an older brother, an older sister & a younger brother.

11. When I look at a picture of a model in magazine, the first thing I would look at is her shoes.

12. I have three (3) best friends which I met during elementary. Their initials are C, J & K.

From left to right (Kring2, ME, Chai, Nica) P.S. This is an old picture. 😀

13. My sister is a talented dancer and won many awards.  And I am a proud sister.

This is when my sister got injured while practicing their dance routine years ago.

14. I usually buy two or more books when they’re on sale. 2 being the minimum.

15. I love pillows and I love to collect them! My mother often scold me for having too many pillows because it consumes too much bed space.

16. We have two Shih Tzu dogs in our house and they always keep me company. Sleeping beside me as I typed away or giving me those puppy dog eyes as I munch the goodies. 😀

17. I love hair styling and I usually do it on my hair.

18. One my of aunts, calls me Lady Lala.

19. I am a random person.

20. I have the complete W.I.T.C.H. magazine issues (but I don’t have all the special edition ones).

My W.I.T.C.H collection

21. I love to dance but not as good as my sister. I did, however, became a member of a dance troupe during college.

Before our annual show

22. When I was young, I was a very tomboyish girl. I wear clothes like just my father. (Big shirt, baggy shorts & slippers) We (Daddy & I) even wore the same clothes at the same time once (what a coincidence).

22. I hug my younger brother everyday as I tell him that my name is the HUGinator.

24. I have deep set of eyes and I am commonly asked if I was a Turk or partly a Turk. I really don’t know what are the features of Turks but I guess they have deep set eyes like mine? (I was asked a few times about this)

25. I bought my very first Chapstick after I graduated from college.

26. I am a sucker for accessories. Earrings especially (probably coz I have a handful of the ear piercings? ahehehe). I collect unique earrings.

27. My hair is naturally curly and others mistakenly guessed its chemically treated.

28. When something goes wrong with my computer, the first name I will call (or yell)  is my elder brother’s.

Meet my doppelganger (boy version) Hehehe

29. When I rearrange my things, I firstly mess it around before doing the actual re-arranging.

30. I am easily attracted to things that has a skull designs on it.

31.  If its a new year, you can really make me happy if you give me a planner. (pocket planner to be exact. Don’t want it to be bulky.)

32. I want to learn Japanese. –> Thank you anime for letting my passion for learning grew more!

33. I collect books written by Paulo Coelho, Judith McNaught, Dan Brown and Mitch Albom. I also have the complete series of Twilight.

34. If I was an animal, I would be a panda because I have dark circles around my eyes. Now you know why my avatar is a cute panda. >.<

35. My first make up artist was my elder sister.

Yes, my sister is upside down. She’s like a lizard stuck to me.

36. I only went three (3) times to a salon to do my hair (so far). 1st was for ironing, 2nd for cutting and 3rd for coloring my hair. I usually cut my hair myself or I let my mother or sister do it for me.

37. I love Asian dramas and movies. From Japan, Taiwan, Korea. You name it.

38. When someone that I know calls me just by “Psssst!”, I don’t look back and I pretend I didn’t hear it. I usually respond if he/she calls me by my name.

39. When I meet new people and they hear my family name, their first question usually would be “Are you a Muslim?” I am aware that my family name does sound like one but I am Roman Catholic.

40. The gap between me and my younger brother is about 10 years.

ME and my younger brother. 😀

41. I have huge feet. When I buy shoes, I immediately ask the saleslady their biggest size.

42. I think my family is lucky. I guess its in our blood? My elder brother won a TV, an over toaster and many more from their annual Christmas celebration at the place he works at. I won one sack of rice from our local raffles and a huge air cooler from SM department stores raffles. And I’m still counting! 😀

43. I always wanted to collect hats but for some reason if I plan to buy one, I can’t seem to find a hat that suits my taste. And luckily, the hats I have now are all given to me and I do love them.

44. I have Dorsal Dextroscoliosis, deviation of the mid dorsal spine towards the right.

45. The first story that I ever read in E-book form is the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Talk about my poor eyes.

46. We have a dog stuffed toy and my cousin named him, “Mustafa A-Barky Mamod”. I don’t know what that means but still, its catchy.

Mustafa A-Barky Mamod inside the tent

47.  I am a very organized person and I like to write important things on my black notebook. That black notebook is not a notebook full of foul or hideous things that I can use against you. I just call it that because the cover IS black. 😀

48. And lastly, I don’t know if you read my previous posts but I did mention it. I am going to be 24 this year and that exact age is equal to the exact years that I am single. I am a proud NBSB. “No Boyfriend Since Birth”

That is all. Have a nice day everyone! And advance Happy Valentine’s Day!



2 Responses to “48 Random Facts about me”

  1. pmucollection March 12, 2013 at 10:44 pm #

    Mas better imo photo natong upat kaysa sa ako. haha. 😀

    • otakuffee March 12, 2013 at 10:48 pm #

      ok r nah chai. Ganahan man gud kaayo ko ana na pic ngano kana akong gi-gamit.

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