7th Period is a Secret by Chiba Kozue

3 Feb

Alternative Name:7限目はヒミツ。; 7 Genme wa Himitsu; Nana Genme wa Himitsu; Shichigenme wa Himitsu; The Seventh Period is a Secret; El Séptimo Periodo es un Secreto

Genre(s):Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Author(s):Chiba Kozue


Summary from Mangahere.com: From Serenus Dreamers: Shun is a girl who used to be shy and gloomy. Wanting to change, she transforms herself into a bright girl when her family transfers into a new place. Hoping to fit in, she laughs and smile at everything agreeing with everyone. She starts to fear that her young teacher is seeing right through her. Is she just imagining, or is it true—? Also contains two one-shots, Puberty Baby and Your Kotonoha.

What I Think About It:  First things first, don’t you think Jun-sensei is cute? I don’t have much experience at love but reading all these Shoujo mangas can really make my heart flutter. The first manga is the main story then two (2) extra one-shot stories.

The first story made me smile. Its kind of cute how the teacher (Jun-chan) came close to Shun and even made a secret 7th period. And I love the last thing he said about liking him until graduation with a blushing face. It was so adorable.  If I was Shun I would have fainted. 😀

The second story is about Yuki’s disastrous first love that ended badly but then came a second chance.  When Rio started to cite words from her former love letter, I really thought it was cute and touching. You wouldn’t read a letter again and again and even took time to memorize it if you don’t value it or the person who wrote it, would you? And I totally love the ending with all their classmates and even the teacher blushing because of the sudden heartfelt confession.

The last story is about how a long one-sided love can be reciprocated. Sure, he waited for fifteen(15) years for his love but I doubt if he ever let her go. I love how the auntie reacted and excused herself in the last page.

The whole manga is a great story to read. The plot is light, cute and simple and I think everyone can relate.


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