February Blues?!?

2 Feb


It’s the second day of a new month and I’m in a ‘blue mood’. Its actually not a big deal what caused me this way and I’m not gonna be like this for whole month. This I promise! 😀

I just want to share what  happened yesterday. First of all, I planned to do a new post about nail art to start off the month. I already borrowed my older brother’s camera for this and all because I planned to capture its steps with the camera. It started well with my first step then I shot it. (I’m doing the half circle nail art and I really don’t know what to call it). I then put on the bandages on my nails and proceed to painting it with the next color. I was excited in peeling off the bandages but I ended up disappointed. The reality is that my nails are too short and instead of creating a cute half circles on the base of my nail, I created almost a 3/4 circle. If my nails were longer it would look nice. I tried doing it a while back and it looked okay. But the thing is my nails are too short now and the bandages didn’t stick to my nail that effectively and that made it quite messy. The supposed to be circle-like shape didn’t show that much too. Sighs. I ended up erasing it all. Second, since its February it only means 2 things. One, my birthday is coming up. And two, Valentines is just around the corner. I don’t really hate birthdays but once it hits me that mine is coming up, it would make me think what great/hideous deeds or things I did last year. I mean, you’re not going to stay in the same age every year. I would try to remember what I memorable or crazy things, new experiences, new addictions and all.  Would I still like to do those things this year? Did I just waste a year doing nothing? *sighs* Ok let’s talk about Valentines day. I have to confess, I never dated anyone. And so my age is actually the exact V-days that I didn’t have a date. 😀 I’m not picky and I’m not afraid to socialize but I think I didn’t found ‘him’ yet. Because I spent my years this way, I actually do have an idea about my first boyfriend would be my husband. You can call me hopeless romantic and I shall take it as a compliment. I actually heard a story like this from my high school teacher and I was awed. Maybe because of it that I actually ruined my chances? Ahahaha. I am not in a hurry in finding  my man because I know through time I would be able to meet ‘HIM’. And I do believe that there is really someone out there for me. Besides, I may not have a BF to spend my Valentines with but I do have my awesome and ever loving family that I can celebrate it with. Not to mention my best friends and our warm dogs. Ahahah. Yeah, I just said dogs. ^___^ Happy February everyone!


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