Hello Kitty Nail Art

11 Dec

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Hi! I haven’t blogged for quite a while and now that I have the chance to do so, I shall make it worth the time.

Last November 25 was the 2nd birthday of my cousin’s daughter. The party was Japanese themed and the celebrant was wearing a cute yellow kimono too. Anyways, last year, for her 1st birthday, our theme was Hello Kitty. Inspired by Hello Kitty, I browsed and researched in the internet for possible nail art designs. I found a design that is simple and easy to replicate. Thank God for youtube. ^_^

Here’s how I did it:

After applying the base coat, I applied two (2) coats of pink to all my nails.

To do Hello Kitty’s head, apply a coat of white nail polish on the tip of your finger. Just make sure it’s wide enough for your design.

Next, you can put a line (mine is silver) to the where the white ends. This gives a cleaner look to the design but you can also choose not to do this.

Making sure that the white is completely dry, start drawing its features. Using a small dotting tool or a toothpick, dipped in a yellow nail polish, paint its nose. Make sure it is in the center and it is oval. This will be your guide in doing the other features. Next, draw in her eyes and whiskers. These are just straight lines. Two (2) vertical lines for the eyes and three (3) slightly thinner lines on each cheek. Tip for doing the whiskers, start with the horizontal middle line. Then continue to the other two which are diagonal. This will create a tilted ‘W’-ish shape. Use black if possible. I use brown in doing mine because I was out of black.

And of course, don’t forget her signature red bow. I made mine using a toothpick dipped in red nail polish.

You can do this to all your nails but I just choose to do it only on my ring finger. After I completed the Hello Kitty’s head, I finished my other nails by putting on white polka dots.

And last but not the least; don’t forget to seal in your design with a top coat. Just make sure the design is completely dry before you put the top coat.


P.S. I know the picture sucks. Its all I can manage with my computer’s camera.


One Response to “Hello Kitty Nail Art”

  1. Lynelle Arnaudet December 20, 2012 at 4:53 pm #

    Hellow my name is Rebecca and I’m a writer and this article really helped me. I’m refocused! Thank you!

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