Nail Art Design 1

2 Oct

Hi! I created this design inspired by the microbeads. See those small circles that shines, those are actually from sequins. Yes, I said sequins. Those are the fall outs from the center of the sequins which makes the hole.

I created it by first coating my nails with 2 coats of silver  (after making sure the base coat is totally dry, of course). With the use of a make up sponge, I dab a pink polish at the end of my nail; making it like a background for the sequin fall outs. You can try doing a fading effect with pink polish if you can.  While the pink is still wet, carefully put the fall outs. I did it by placing my hand flat on a piece of paper while my other hand sprinkles it; like you do with your salt on your sunny side up. Some of it maybe standing, so carefully push it in with a toothpick or a pusher. If your satisfied with the design, wait for it to dry and making sure that it stick to you nail, coat it with your top coat to seal it all in.


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